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Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer


Welcome to The Law Offices of Bruce Margolin, Esq., Expertise in All Types of Criminal Charges!

Renowned and Trusted Marijuana Law and Criminal Defense Attorney

If you've been charged, or have questions or concerns about Marijuana offenses and laws, you need a highly experienced attorney who has successfully defended cases for over 40 years in California and throughout the US.

Considered by many to be the No. 1 defense attorney in the country, Bruce Margolin has successfully defended probably more marijuana cases than any other criminal defense lawyer in the country!

Bruce Margolin's experience and expertise is unparalleled. He knows the law inside out, and he has participated in many of the successful changes in legislation. With an in-depth understanding of the interpretation and application of these laws, especially related to medical marijuana, he has helped countless clients, even after an arrest, to avoid charges being brought against them before the matter went to court.

Bruce Margolin Wrote the Book on Marijuana Law!

His book, The Margolin Guide to Marijuana Laws, has become a definitive resource for thousands of people nationwide, including lawyers, for authoritative information on marijuana laws and defense!

Bruce Margolin supports medicinal marijuana and the legalization of marijuana, and has demonstrated such support through his participation in civic organizations. He served as director of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) for 29 years. He has also been an adviser for the California Compassionate Use Act, the medicinal marijuana initiative, and counsel for the California Hemp Initiative. Passionate and determined, Bruce Margolin has unequaled experience and knowledge about marijuana laws and defense.

Leading Defense Attorney in All Types of Criminal Charges, From Marijuana to Murder

While most renowned for his work with marijuana and drug-related cases, leading defense attorney Bruce Margolin defends clients in all types of criminal matters, in both state and federal courts .


Bruce Margolin's DUI and DWI practice covers alcohol, marijuana and other chemical-related driving violations, as well as managing the consequences of multiple offenses.

Violent Crimes

Bruce Margolin successfully handles violent crime cases, ranging from homicide and manslaughter to assault, weapons offenses, domestic violence, sex crimes and theft. Whether related to major crimes or minor ones, the Law Offices of Bruce M. Margolin, Esq., works diligently to provide the strongest defense possible and protect clients' legal rights.

Every case and every client receives the same in-depth investigation and professional legal advocacy. Bruce Margolin will fight to protect your rights in any criminal law matter!

Renowned Marijuana Lawyer

If you have been charged with any kind of marijuana crime or other criminal offense, Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer Bruce Margolin is an excellent advocate to have on your side. For a free initial consultation, call our West Hollywood office at 800-420-LAWS (5297) or contact us online.

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