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Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer — Handling Everything "From Marijuana to Murder"

The Law Offices of Bruce M. Margolin, Esq. in Los Angeles provides representation throughout California and nationwide to clients who are facing criminal charges. Attorneys at the firm have an exceptional amount of experience successfully defending criminal offenses. The firm has worked on cases for such high-profile clients as Patrick Naughton (cyber crime and computer privacy rights) and Timothy Leary (LSD flashbacks and the super consciousness defense).

Far too frequently, police officers violate the constitutional rights of individuals to obtain evidence. Bruce Margolin is a nationally renowned marijuana and criminal defense attorney who will help protect your rights.

Contact the firm to speak with a Burbank criminal defense attorney regarding your drug or criminal charges. The firm offers a free consultation for clients in California and nationwide in our Los Angeles office or by phone.

Marijuana and Other Drug Crimes

Bruce Margolin and his legal team defend clients who are facing all types of marijuana and drug-related offenses, including:

For more information on marijuana laws and criminal defense, download a free copy of The Margolin Guide to Marijuana Laws.

Medical Marijuana

At the firm, the lawyers also have extensive experience helping clients who are facing charges related to the use or sale of medical marijuana:

Violent Crimes

From homicide to assault, the attorneys represent clients charged with any type of violent crimes. Whether you have been charged with a weapons offense, manslaughter, domestic violence or terrorist threats, the firm can help you fight your charges.

To learn more about weapons-related offenses, read The Margolin Guide to Firearms.

Drunk Driving Defense

The criminal defense attorneys at the firm assist clients who are facing charges for drunk driving, including driving under the influence of marijuana or other intoxicants. They also help clients who have had multiple DUI offenses.

Theft Crimes

The attorneys at the firm represent clients who are charged with all types of theft-related offenses, including:

Sex Crimes

At the firm, the attorneys understand that a conviction for a sex crime can have an enormous impact on your future. They will aggressively defend you from any charges for sex crimes, including:

Additional Areas of Practice

The firm handles all types of criminal cases, at every stage in the process, including:

Contact a Skilled Los Angeles, California, Drug Possession Attorney

The firm offers exceptional legal skill and in-depth experience in all state and federal matters. America's premier marijuana lawyer and gifted staff are prepared to go to work defending your rights. Contact a Los Angeles, California, drug possession lawyer firm at 1-800-420-LAWS for a free initial consultation.

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