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Criminal Defense

Criminal defense attorney Bruce Margolin believes in fairness and justice for all of his clients accused of criminal charges, and is committed to accelerated, successful and expedient results.

Experience, Knowledge of the Law and Investigation & Preparation Are the Keys to Margolin's Success in Defense of His Clients Throughout His Many Years of Practice.

Early Intervention

Some California criminal defense lawyers take a wait-and-see approach. They stall until the first court date, or until they receive the police reports, before investigating and working up your case.

The most critical window for defense work may be the first few days following an arrest, or even prior to formal charges being filed. By getting to work immediately, often we can locate favorable defense evidence and witnesses, and get a "head start" towards defeating the charges.

Bruce Margolin is dedicated to defeating the prosecution at the earliest stage. His in-depth knowledge of the law, his political influence and his reputation with prosecutors and the courts for winning, often result in the early-stage dismissal and successful dispositions of charges.

Preventing Charges Being Filed

Sometimes it is possible to stop criminal charges from ever being filed. After making an arrest or investigating a suspected crime, the police take their evidence to the district attorney. The D.A. evaluates the potential case and decides what criminal charges (if any) to file. Usually, the prosecutor makes this decision based solely on what the police present. But often there is much more to the story.

Many times our California criminal lawyers can also meet with or arrange to send letters to the District Attorney's Office during this same time period. We can present our witness statements, our evidence, and our information.

Knowing your side of the story may affect the D.A.'s calculations. When the prosecutors see the whole picture, and not just what the police (or the alleged "victim") have to say, they may decide to file lesser charges (a misdemeanor rather than a felony, for example) or to not file criminal charges at all (we call this a "D.A. Reject").

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