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Bruce M. Margolin Leading California Criminal Defense Attorney

DUI, Drugs, and Marijuana Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles

DWI Lawyer for Los Angeles

Did your drive through Los Angeles end with the need for a DWI lawyer? A conviction for driving under the influence—of any substance—significantly impacts your ability to live freely and fully. The Law Office of Bruce Margolin is here to protect your freedom and secure your independence.  Even before any court dates or judgements, the process of a DUI arrest involves the DMV suspending your license. Do not allow a DWI case to break down your life—let us help you overcome this challenge instead.

The Law Office of Bruce Margolin proudly serves as the DWI attorney for clients throughout California. In the fight for your freedom, we give you the tools you need to win.

Working with Impaired Driving Laws

The Law Office of Bruce Margolin is honored to be your DWI lawyer because quality defense for criminal marijuana charges is one of our greatest passions. Courts using impaired driving laws against you for having legal access to marijuana is unacceptable. Mr. Margolin works as your DUI attorney to make sure all your rights are protected, not just your right to drive.

When charged with driving under the influence of marijuana, one consistent problem arises. California does not have a legal limit on the amount of THC can be in your system when you drive. Everyone processes marijuana differently, and your THC levels at the time of arrest may not constitute impairment. Instead, the arresting officers make the claim that you were impaired when driving. Mr. Margolin, and his team, work to disprove the police’s unfounded allegation in an effort to confirm your innocence. 

If you need a DUI or DWI attorney, call The Law Office of Bruce Margolin now. Mr. Margolin and his staff are here to help you reinstate your license and reclaim your life.

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