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The Margolin Guide of Firearms

We firmly believe in the peoples right to bear arms as granted by the Second Amendment of the Constitution, but firearms must be owned and possessed legally and responsibly. This pamphlet contains a general summary of California laws that govern common possession and use of firearms by persons other than law enforcement officers, firearms dealers, or members of the armed forces. It is not designed to provide individual guidance for specific situations, nor does it attempt to summarize federal law.

The legality of any specific act of possession or use will ultimately be determined by applicable federal and state statutory and case law. For more information on specific state statutes, please refer to the full text of the California Penal Code sections referenced herein, available here. The California Department of Justice Firearms Bureau is also an excellent resource, and can be found here.

Persons having specific questions are encouraged to seek legal advice from us, or consult their local law enforcement agency or law library. You should be aware that firearms are taken very seriously in California by both law enforcement and the Courts. Punishments for most crimes can be enhanced if a firearm is used in the commission of that crime or even for having a firearm present when a crime is committed. Moreover, previous convictions may interfere with your right to own a firearm.

The bottom line is that firearm offenses are not worth the risk. If you have any questions about your right to possess a firearm, please contact our office today.

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